Homozygous Polled * P43499435

We purchased Red Power in the fall of 2015 from our friends at Iron Lake Ranch of Athens, TX. He is a result of Churchill Red Bull 200Z on the sire side and KCF Miss Proficient U201. 

With a royal bred pedigree, curve bending EPD's and the muscle and mass he carry's we are very excited for his future offspring.

Red Power calves come very easy and light. Along with this we have noticed that they have a lot of vigor at birth. We have yet to have helped one nurse. We feel he is a good alternative to use on heifers. 

Semen is for sale through, Section 16 Cattle, Iron Lake Ranch, Reed Enterprises or Origen.  

Top 10% in CED; Top 1% for BW; Top 20% for MM; Top 1% for REA; Top 1% for Teat and Udder; Top 10% for SCF; Top 1% for CHB

Owned With Iron Lake Ranch and Stone Ridge Manor


S16 Steensland 31C ET

Homozygous Polled * P43616393

We raised Steensland from some embryo's that we purchased from Whitehawk Ranch. Steensland is a moderate framed, heavy muscled bull with an awesome EPD profile. 

He is a son of KCF Bennett M326 S342 out the 9126J x P606 cow KCF Miss 9126J T306. Along with his exceptional EPD's he is also Homozygous polled which we feel will cross well on our horned females. 

His Sustained Cow Fertility  EPD ranks in top 1% of the breed. We think with this and his maternal pedigree he will make us some awesome replacement females. 

Limited Semen will be available Spring 2020. $50/Straw No Certificates


S16 782B Highland 84E

Polled * P43779333

84E is new exciting sire we raised and will be using heavily in 2018 and beyond. 

He is double goggle eyed, short marked, dark red and has as much mass and power as any hereford bull I have seen. 

2019 was his first calf crop and he did not disappoint!!! We just love his calves for their dark red, short markings with added pigment. He also adds guts, muscle and shear mass to his calves. 

Along with the muscle and mass the calves come easy and small at birth with lots of vigor. He truly lives up to his EPD's in our opinion. 

Owned With CB4 Cattle Co and Tom & Cindy Kuiper

Semen Available $50/Straw No Certificates 


Churchill Red Bull 200Z

Polled * P43281860

We purchased a semen share in Red Bull from Iron Lake Ranch and have been very happy with that partnership. We have used Red Bull AI from the start and will continue using him on select cow families. 



Polled * P43247018

Red Eye was our first herd sire and we have many good replacement females out of him that will influence our herd for many years. 

With the Rib Eye influence and his high SCF EPD we really look forward to our double bred R117 females. 

AI Sires

UPS Domino 3027


We are starting to use 3027 to make good honest replacement females. He has proven to have the ability to make fertile good uttered females. 

PCR X51 Bentley 454B


We are using Bentley as an outcross to add power, muscle and improve CHB EPD's. Bentley has unmatched EPD's and is #1 CHB bull in the breed. 

LCX 88X Zoey 14B ET


We are excited to use this full brother of Perfecto and feel he will add muscle, mass and performance. 

SHF Ribeye M326 R117


We will continue using R117 as we really like his influence on our replacement females and the added muscle and volume he brings. 

Pyramid 3027 Domino 1109


We are starting to use 1109 for his maternal ability and to make good soggy well numbered bulls for commercial cattlemen. 

Behm 100W Cuda 504C


Cuda is Homo Polled performance bull that we will be using heavily the next couple years.