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Section 16 Cattle Co is located 5 miles south of Canton, SD in Highland Township of Lincoln County. Erik and his family are rather new to the Hereford business but have a long family history of raising livestock in Lincoln County. Erik’s great great grandfather, John O. Steensland homesteaded land in Section 15 Highland Township where he and his family farmed and raised livestock for 50+ years. In 1898 John started purchasing school land in Section 16 across the road from his homestead. In 1944 Erik’s grandfather, Franklin Twedt moved up to Section 16 from the Twedt homestead (6 miles south) in which he continued to operate the farm and raise cattle for 63 years until his passing in 2007. Erik now owns and operates the family land in Section 16, it is here that his family lives and bases their cattle and farming operation. It is with the long history and deep roots to this land that Erik decided to name their Hereford endeavor Section 16 Cattle Co.

Erik grew up in Canton with his mom and sister, attending Canton High School. He spent a lot of time during his growing up years at the farm helping his grandpa Franklin. His grandpa passed along his love for cattle to Erik and helped him buy his first set of cows when he was in high school. Erik later on attended SDSU, returning to Canton to work for Eastern Farmers Coop in Agronomy Sales. During this time Erik built a herd of commercial fall calving cows that he kept at his grandpa’s farm. In 2007 Franklin passed away and Erik moved from Canton to the farm.

Along with working as a District Sales Manager for LG Seeds, Erik is actively farming and raising cattle on their families land along with some rented acres. Erik sold his commercial cows in 2010 and started in the Hereford business by purchasing a 4-H heifer project from Jeff Lounsbery for his son Kade. Having always admired red cattle it was not hard for them to fall in love with the Herefords. Immediately hooked, they went on to make additional female purchases from Delaney Herefords, Atkins Herefords, Thorstenson Herefords, Starmak, Sleepy Hollow Farms, Lounsbery Herefords, Stenberg Herefords, Rangeline Cattle, Iron Lake Ranch, Logterman Cattle and Dvorak Herefords while keeping back females they have raised. 

AI is being actively used on most of their females along with a small amount of embryo work. Along with their own females they are also partnered with CB4 Cattle Co. on a select few females that reside at Section 16. Besides the cows, Section 16 has a semen interest in Churchill Red Bull 200Z which has been a very exciting and successful partnership. They have also teamed up with Eggers Southview, Springwater Polled Herefords, TSR Cattle Co. and Sleepy Hollow Farms to host the group’s first bull sale in March of 2015, The I-29 Bull Run. In 2015 Erik purchased ILR Red Power 456B in partnership with Iron Lake Ranch as their herd sire and has been very pleased with that young partnership. In 2017 S16 782B Highland 84E was born at Section 16. They have partnered with CB4 Cattle Co and Tom & Cindy Kuiper on him and are very excited about his future in their operation. In 2019 Erik had the opportunity to purchase his families Twedt Homestead where his grandpa Franklin grew up. With this addition he is very excited about the expansion possibilities that this will provide. 

Also in 2019 Section 16 made their new partnership with longtime friends and neighbors Mettler Angus. Erik is very excited to get the opportunity to work with Jerry and Di on this venture. It will be an awesome opportunity for Section 16 customers to add Angus genetics. 

Erik’s children, Kade and Delaney Scott are active in many activities along with being a big help on the farm. Both Kade and Delaney have started to purchase some of their own cows in hope to keep the tradition of raising livestock at Section 16 going for another generation. Erik, Kade and Delaney have really enjoyed their short time being involved in the SDHA, meeting all the friendly people and partaking in a lot of good cattle fellowship. Erik and the kids welcome you to visit Section 16 anytime you are in the area and look forward to the many good years that lie ahead for the Hereford breed.

Section 16 Cattle Co

Erik, Kade & Delaney Scott

47881 287th St 

Canton, SD 57013